In our little household, the annual ritual of back to school has come and gone. My son Jack started 3rd grade yesterday and my daughter Mina began 1st grade. As a single father, and I assume any single parent feels the same way, I always feel more pressure than I probably should. You have no one to watch your back if you forget anything and you have no one to blame but yourself if you do.

Between the huge list of school supplies, the backpacks and lunch carriers, the clothes, the 'family picture' I think has become a requirement in every elementary school in America, the name tag 'to be worn each day the first week', well there's a lot to buy and a lot to remember.

I think parents must sweat the first day more than the kids.

Does this conversation sound familiar?

"So how was your first day!?" sounding positive and excited, big smile on your face.
"It was good," sounding like they'd really rather get back to their Wii.
"Do you like your teacher?"
"Yeah, she's good."
"What did you do on your first day?!?"
"Mmmm, I don't remember."
"Was it mostly getting all your supplies organized and going over what the rules are and what you'll be doing this year?"
"Yeah, I think."
"Anyone in your class from last year?"
"Yeah there's Anita and three other kids. Plus a new kid I'm friends with."
"Oh what's his name?"
"I forget. But we're friends."

Okay. Good talk.