This is an ongoing blog about the history of New Jersey 101.5 from a slightly different perspective.

I am Joe Cutter, and I have been anchoring and reporting the news around here for all these many years. I am sharing a bunch of little stories about New Jersey 101.5 back then. If you seek scandal or a tell all, forget it! These are just a collection of little stories about this side of the station.

Today, I would like to hear from you about when you discovered New Jersey 101.5 and became a fan. How long have you been listening? Why did you turn to us? When did you start looking at our website and why? When you started listening, what do YOU remember, back then?

When New Jersey 101.5 got rolling back then, I was...ahem...a lot younger? More, shall we say? light-weight? Had a lot more hair, too, and back then, it was blonde, not grey. One more word about the weight thing. It has never been hard to shall we say, overindulge in eating around here? That is because for more than two decades, the great people of the great Garden State have been blessing this station and its staff with a never ending variety of everything you can possibly imagine, food-wise. As they say, it's all good, and we thank our sponsors and the many, many kind folks who have shared some of their gustatory creations with us. But I digress, (easy to do where food is concerned).

Any way, let me know when you started listening back then and how long and why you are with us, as we say, online and on the air.

Stay tuned.....

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