Aubree and I took the kids to Hershey Park this weekend. There's an intense ride there called storm runner that fires you out of the starting gate so fast that it pushes the skin on your face back. It then sends you literally straight up, then literally straight down and that's followed by a giant upside down loop which then goes into rapid corkscrews. I read this ride goes from 0 to 72mph in 2 seconds. There's not a chance I'm getting on this ride. Yet my 9-year-old son Jack is braver than me and even though he just barely made the height requirement he wanted to go. Thank God Aubree loves coasters.

This is actually a pic of a picture that you buy after the ride is over. It shows the moment the ride first fires you off so fast the force is giving you a facelift. He said he was scared while waiting to get on but he was so pumped once he had done it.