A rash of heroin overdoses has law enforcement officials in Camden worried that drug users may be at risk from unusually potent drugs.

Marianne Williams Photography, Getty Images

Camden County Prosecutor Warren Faulk and Camden County police Chief Scott Thomson reported Friday night that three people overdosed on heroin overnight. All three survived. They say one man appeared to have overdosed twice.

While investigating the overdoses, police charged a 24-year-old North Camden man with possession, distribution and other drug offenses. They say he was found with bags of crack and heroin.

Investigators are trying to determine if that man was responsible for distributing the drugs that led to the overdoses.

Authorities say there were six heroin-related overdoses, none fatal, in early May. Police are investigating whether the most recent ones are a result of the same brand of heroin or a new supply of dangerously potent drugs.


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