A Camden man is locked up in jail after being charged with robbing five banks in the span of one month.

Brandon A. Dickerson (Photo courtesy of Burlington County Prosecutor's Office)

Most of the robberies took place in Burlington County.

Brandon Dickerson, 22, was caught after investigators found his fingerprint on a note passed to a teller at one of the banks he allegedly robbed.

Burlington County Prosecutor Robert Bernardi pointed out catching bank robbers is usually not easy.

"Especially when you see people coming into a bank," he said, "they know surveillance cameras are there, when they cover their faces up, wear hoodies, wear sunglasses."

He pointed out beyond surveillance cameras, banks have relatively few security protocols in place.

"They have the die packs that are designed to explode on a certain timing when the suspects leave," he said. "Some of these people are not smart enough to realize that, and other devices are GPS devices that are put in the money packs. The criminals are aware of them too and they look for them now in these prepared packets that the banks have to give to them."

Fortunately, said Bernardi, all criminals make mistakes.

"People also talk, they talk to their confederates, their friends," he explained. "They brag, they go on Facebook, and they stupid things that allow them to be caught."

His warning to would-be bank robbers is simple.

"I'll be standing here again announcing their names if they want to engage in this kind of criminal activity."