It's not too late book a great shore rental this summer and, in fact, waiting might have saved you a pretty penny.

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After Sandy turned the shore rental market on its ear this summer, many owners of rental properties are cutting their normally exorbitant weekly prices to attract tenants.

"We've seen between 10 and 40 percent drop [in prices], between where the house was," says Anthony Belli, an agent with Schlosser Realty.

He notes many four and five bedroom homes with high-end amenities are still up for grabs, mainly because of a late starting rental season.

"You can still get good deals for rentals now, and some home owners are negotiating just to fill it in. We're off 60 percent on the rental end of it."

"Things were slow in February and March, we didn't have anything because of the storm and we didn't know what houses were rentable yet. People went to other places, but the last month we've been getting more and more calls for August," Belli explained.

However, this could be your last chance to grab the deals, since Belli says summer 2014 is already looking better.

"I think it's going to be pretty back to normal for next year because we're already seeing it this year of people asking for rentals."