As we get closer to Super Bowl 48 in MetLife Stadium, more and more commercials will start to "leak" online before they are viewed by millions of Americans on Super Bowl Sunday.  Here's a great example of one that has leaked online and we are very happy it did because it is so hysterical.

Audi will be unleashing a brand new breed of dog during the Super Bowl called the "Doberhuahua." The dog was the creation from a couple who couldn't agree over what type of dog they wanted and a helpful salesperson suggested mating the 2 choices to create the great compromise and call it "Doberhuahua."

This dog is absolutely the cutest and freakiest thing all at the same time! 'Doberhuahua' is unleashed on the world and wreaks havoc, even on a defenseless Sarah McLachlan, who does all those commercials for the ASPCA. See what we mean by watching the hysterical ad below.



'Doberhuahua' reminds us of another adorable dog, 'Milo' from Jim Carrey's movie the 'The Mask.'


Audi officially unleashes the 'Doberhuahua' to the world on Super Bowl Sunday, February 2nd.

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