Less than two weeks ago I asked our listeners for some advice on how you possibly get a two and a half year old to wear glasses without constantly yanking them off their head. You guys had some great tips and I'm happy to report the glasses are in and he's wearing them. They're a big hit!

Jeff Deminski photo

Now when I say hit, obviously I'm not talking about in the fashion world. I mean they're a hit with him. These are Miraflex frames, the kind that are basically made of rubber so that they are practically indestructible in a toddler's world. So yes, they look like goggles at the pool. On top of that, with so many different eye issues the poor kid was suffering the lenses had to big this big top to bottom. The only Miraflex frames that would allow what he needed were these, and yes they do in fact look like Harry Potter glasses. In fact...

Jeff Deminski photo

...I think this is a pic of him telling a fortune or casting a spell. Okay, so it's just a light up ball, one of many things the eye doctor recommended for home therapy to help his vision get back to normal. We are seriously thinking about a Harry Potter costume for Halloween though. I mean with these glasses, how could you not?

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