Cue the Jaws theme music.

Karen and Barry Rubinstein were having a peaceful walk along Surprise Lake at the Watchung Reservation when they got a bigger surprise than they bargained for. A head suddenly popped out of the water and its eyes zeroed in on the couple at the shoreline. Then, it happened.

“It’s bee-lining, I mean, this thing is swimming right at us,” Karen Rubinstein said.

She says it weighed as much as 40 pounds, and as it came out of the water it bared its teeth and its webbed feet were moving as fast as the animal could manage. She swears it was a beaver. A very...angry...beaver.

The couple started running toward their car when a jogger warned them the animal could get hurt if it chased them into the road. Now I don't know why you would listen to some jogger worried about a killer beaver rather than be worried about yourself getting bit, but they switched direction and Karen jumped onto a nearby bench. Her husband Barry cut back toward the lake when the animal suddenly lunged, missing him by inches. After nearly biting Barry’s leg, it scurried back into the water.

Animal experts are making the argument they've seen evidence of otters in the area but no evidence of beavers. Karen however studied forestry at Rutgers for several years and based on the feet, the size, and the tail, she knows it was a beaver. Only thing worse than almost being taken out by a killer beaver is having to argue your case with animal nerds afterwards.