By now we’ve all seen the Time Magazine cover on attachment parenting with Jamie Lynne breastfeeding her three year old son. Personally I liked the Saturday Night Live bit  where they photo shopped the chair out from under the boy ;)  Now THAT’S funny!

Attachment parenting focuses on strong emotional bonds with your children, using techniques such as co-sleeping, baby wearing, and of course, extended nursing. If “Everybody Loves Raymond” were still on television, Marie would be living this dream.


But with every dream comes the time to wake up. As a parent of 5 year old twins, I would love to attach myself to them and never let go. But I lose that battle each and every day. I know I have to. I want my children to grow up with a sense of independence. I want them to be able to think for themselves and question the world like their parents do. It’s my job to teach them to deal with life in a positive way and to take care of people.


We now live in a world where 50 per cent of college graduates from the last 5 years have full time jobs. This may be the first generation not to out earn their parents. It’s never been more expensive to be alive and we’ve never lived longer. I need my children standing on their own two feet ready to take charge of the mess we leave them with and not be looking to Mommy and Daddy to make it right. I’ll be there to give them everything I can give them, but the greatest gift I can give them is themselves and each day, they get a little more..

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