Your spouse won't stop looking at their smart phone or tablet during dinner. You try to have a conversation and they barely look up, prompting you to say they are 'attached' to their smart phone as if they're wearing it. Guess what? Soon they will be.

Google just announced a new version of its Android mobile operating system made just for wearable devices. It's called Android Wear, and the OS will first appear on watches and will eventually act as the company's platform for all kinds of wearable devices. You see, mobile devices are so five minutes ago. They are still growing but quickly leveling off. Older gadgets like PCs are declining. Meanwhile the tech world is rushing to figure out what the next big game changer will be and they're betting big on wearables. Its a broad category that can include smart glasses, smart watches, fitness trackers, clothing with embedded sensors, tattoos and even ingestible pills that gather data while coursing through your intestines. Really. Really? I don't like it. Technology is fine. But technology you're already too addicted to now being literally attached to you? No, not liking it. What about you?

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