Now that the Governor has announced he’d like to see sports betting in Atlantic City, the news overshadows the recent stabbing of 2 Canadian tourists this past Monday.

But does it overshadow the apprehension you may still have of “doing” AC in the first place?

According to this:
The Governor said he is submitting regulations this week and hopes to implement sports betting by October or November.

The bill Christie signed permitted betting on professional sports and certain college games in Atlantic City and at current and former horse racing tracks.

Christie said he does expect there will be a legal challenge to implementing sports betting in Atlantic City, but he is confident it will move forward.

Saying…"It'll be another exciting way to add to the experience here in Atlantic City.”

Sure. It makes it more competitive with other gambling establishments around us; and it has the potential to save the horseracing industry here in New Jersey…which is one of our most important employers.


There’s still the fear factor.

The story of two Canadian tourists being stabbed in broad daylight near the Bally’s Casino has sent ripples through the resort city as they prepped for an important kick-off week to an ever-important summer tourism season.

Adding to the negative vibes ringing through Atlantic City is the sentencing tomorrow for Craig Arno and Jessica Kisby, the pair convicted of carjacking a man from Trump Taj Mahal and later murdering him. That was yet another story, back in 2010, that has done nothing to help AC escape the label as a dangerous, unsafe city for tourists.

The cherry on top of bad news is a report that many beaches in the city will remain closed through the early parts of the tourist season because of project overruns.

Fun times in the “Family Fun Capitol” of the Garden State!

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