The Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) agrees to allocate $1.5 million toward the demolition of blighted properties in the Atlantic City's Tourism District.

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CRDA Executive Director John Palmieri says the funds will go toward taking down dilapidated and substandard structures within the tourism district.

Palmieri says they'll be working hand in hand with city officials to identify "buildings that are structurally unsound. Traditionally, those are the buildings that really jump out at us; buildings that are uninhabitable when there are roof conditions and structural conditions that create a hazard to the public."

He says he doesn't expect these projects to displace many if any residents.

"I've got my own staff conducting our own survey of substandard conditions within the district. So that separate and a part from what the city does in their code enforcement initiative, we have several individuals from CRDA walking through the district and identifying these problem properties and communicating their condition to me so that I can talk to Anthony Cox (Atlantic City Licensing and Inspection Department Director)."

However, Palmieri says what happens to the properties in the future, once the blighted structures are demolished, is not under CRDA or city control.

"Typically when a property is taken down, you know, the owner will still control the premises. He'll still own the lot. So it will be up to market forces, to some degree, to determine reuse opportunities."

Palmieri says they have funding available to provide support for any individual and or corporate group that comes to them with a proposal.