Believe it or not, The New York Giants after going 7-9, 6-10 and 6-10 the last three years are already 8-3 and hold the fourth best record in the entire National Football League! I couldn't believe it when I saw it, but as I look ahead to the remainder of their season when they play Pittsburgh, Dallas, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Washington, they should get even better.

The defense which they invested 200 million dollars in has been paying dividends to the point where they games they were losing at the end last year, they are winning now. The Giants problems have been on the offensive side of the ball where head coach Ben McAdoo made his bones. They've had major problems on the offensive line and running back as well as tight end. Two of those areas will be addressed in the coming weeks when their best lineman, Justin Pugh, returns along with starting right tackle Marshall Newhouse and it's also possible their best running back Shane Vereen should be returning in time for the Cowboy game. Adding that offensive help to that already stellar defense will spell trouble for the remaining teams. Let's check them out shall we?

The Steelers have been hot and cold but have been getting warmer in recent weeks. The Giants will play them on the road and could beat them. Dallas at home on Sunday night, should be a great game. It was the G-Men who handed the Cowboys their only loss of the season and if they do it again, I'll have something to bust Governor Christie about when he returns for "Ask The Governor." The Lions at home should also be a great game. Not sure about the Eagles since Philly always finds a way to beat them, hopefully that is changing, but in the finale, the Giants owe the Redskins after blowing a 21-9 lead the last time they played. This one will be at Washington.

Whatever happens, it's so great to be going into December with eight wins and as we enter this holiday season, please remember: whenever the Giants win, an angel gets its wings.

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