Live from the Jim Gearhart Broadcast Facility somewhere in the wilds of the Garden State, it’s me – Ray Rossi, the Jersey Guy –merely a guy with a microphone, transmitter, and internet connection – filling in for Steve tonight.

Spreading the gospel of the Garden State via RadioPup 3.0 on your smartphone or tablet, online at; and on your FM at 101.5!

1) We start out with a reading of “The Year of the Skinny Santa – My introduction into the Reindeer Club!”

2) What are your favorite foods to eat for Christmas.

3) Do you tip those who serve you all year round, like the garbage man, etc; and how much?

4) Shout outs to anyone working Christmas Eve/Day – and particularly shout outs to families with members serving in the military, the police, firemen and EMTs.

5) Your favorite toy.

6) Santa Claus: Did a family member or friend ever play Santa Claus for the kids.

7) Your best Christmas memory.

8) How far will you be traveling this year?

9) What’s your favorite Christmas song

10) One last time – The Year of the Skinny Santa!

And with that, I wish you much joy this holiday season!