Live from the Jim Gearhart Broadcast Facility somewhere in the wilds of the Garden State, it’s me Jersey Guy Ray Rossi – “el rey de la noche” – merely a guy with a microphone, transmitter, and internet connection – filling in for Steve tonight.

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1) Poll: AC casino workers pray in face of layoffs – does prayer work? What have you ever prayed for?

2) What should U.S. do about ISIS – boots on the ground?

3) Should Twitter have blocked 'graphic imagery' of James Foley beheading?

4) Poll: will you still take the Ice Bucket Challenge or is it passe?

5) New N.J. law requires high school students to learn CPR before graduating. Have you ever used CPR or an AED to revive anyone?

6) What do you feel was the coolest show on TV in the last year?

7) Have you ever had a brush with a New Jersey personality and who would you like to have met?

8) This past weekend was the 37th anniversary of the passing of Elvis. Which music legend’s passing affected you the most?

9) 10) Ray of Hope – a living kidney donor is needed to save life of local teen. Have you ever donated a kidney?

10) Rossi Posse iPod Shuffle

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