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2) Did you ever take crap from a bully – and how did it end? School? Parent? You, yourself? The father of a kid from Hillsboro who was bullied says Catholic school didn't stop it.

4) Follow the money – Senate President Sweeney suggests making Atlantic City an Abbott district – Do we need more another one?

6) Do you feel the program to ticket motorists that blow through crosswalks is just a money grab? There’s a program to crack down on motorists that blow through crosswalks when pedestrians are present.

7) Ever landed a better job after being fired? 'SNL' cast member Brooks Wheelan 'fired' after one season. Have you ever landed a better job than the one you were fired from?

8) Who are the local newscasters that are easy on the eyes? One meteorologist responded to a viewer who criticized her ‘tight-fitting’ dresses.

9) Ray the Ray – Hero of the Day - Mom of Hillsborough teen who died after being punched to donate son’s organs

10) Who has Jersey’s best pizza?

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