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TRENTON — After video showing the arrest of Assemblywoman Maria Rodriguez-Gregg by Mount Laurel Police on a DWI charge became public, the vast majority of commenters on New Jersey 101.5 Facebook's page sided with the officers.

The incident began when the Republican legislator was rear-ended in April. Officers told her they smelled marijuana and wanted to search her car, setting off a profanity-laden tirade. Bodycam video of the incident was first posted by The Trentonian, which obtained the video through a public records request.

She tells officers on the scene at least three times that she is an assemblywoman and at one point complains that she was being treated harshly as a Latina. She repeatedly argues with officers, saying she was calling her attorney.

Throughout the exchange, Rodriguez-Gregg says she had not smoked any marijuana, but had smoked cigars at an event that night. Her attorney told The Trentonian that no marijuana was found in her system, but a "borderline" amount of alcohol was. Her case has not yet been heard in court.

Among the comments we saw posted to our Facebook page:

  • "She should resign immediately. Telling the cop that she is a sitting legislator reaks of an expectation of special privilege." — John F. Kelly
  • "No different than other off-duty cops showing their badges when they get pulled over for traffic offences. They always get off." — Alberto Ocasion
  • "She was disgraceful. Disrespectful. Being a lawmaker doesn't make you entitled or above the law. Sure they had no idea she was Latino. She didn't stop running her mouth the whole time. That alone caused her problems." — Kim Horn Blanda
  • "Oh yea the old 'smell marijuana BS.'" — John Bell
  • "Wow. Just cooperate and would have been sent on her way. Is she a sitting assemblywoman? Don't recall if that was mentioned. Then play the 'Latina woman being harassed' card. Disgraceful." — Kathleen Murphy wrote
  • "Wow, even an assemblywoman does not understand how to act when pulled over by the police. Society is out of control. When pulled over by the police, shut up and engage your listening skills. The cops are in control. When you have a story to tell, tell it to the judge. The judge listens to you; the offender. You, you listen to the cops. It's very simple, it's called manners. Gees!" — EM Conrad
  • "They are not above the law. It doesn't matter who u are. U r not above the law. Remove her immediately. These people let power get to their heads" — Glenn Mironski
  • "Wow ... see how cops could just pull over or accuse anyone at anytime and hold them suspect ... While the whole time doubting every word you say ..." — Raymond Santiago

Gregg, her attorney Edward Kologi and Mount Laurel Police have not yet returned messages from New Jersey 101.5 seeking comment.

The second-term legislator from the 8th District in South Jersey announced recently she would not run for re-election this year due to personal matters.

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