From a loss can come a great lesson, and the question as Republicans reflect on Tuesday's election is what's to be learned for the 2017 gubernatorial race.

Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick called this morning to help us determine where the GOP went wrong in this election cycle.

“Bill, Chris Christie and our caucus took on some really tough issues. The main issue in this state's taxes and affordability," Bramnick said. "We took on really, really dangerous third rail issues, including continuing trying to fix the pension.”

Meanwhile, he said Democrats gained an upper hand by receiving millions of dollars in special interest money.

Combined with a large number of supporters in specific districts, this made it hard to compete.

"So when you energize people using special interest money that we can’t compete with, the message is drowned out," Bramnick said.

In my opinion, however, Republicans failed because they over-fought this race. Certain candidates should've simplified their message and capitalized on public hatred of the gas tax to unify the voter base.

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