Today, the majority of Assembly Democrats met behind closed doors. Several topics were discussed, but the focus was on a bill to legalize same-sex marriage in the Garden State. Governor Chris Christie vows to veto the measure if it passes both houses of the legislature, but it appears there’s another hurdle in the way for the Assembly. The votes aren’t there.

It takes 41 votes to pass a bill in the full General Assembly. The lead sponsor of the measure, Assemblyman Reed Gusciora was asked if the 41 votes exist. He said, “Leadership is confident the votes are there……We’re right there on the line.”

Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver says a vote on the bill will happen February 16, three days after the Senate votes. The Democratic-controlled Legislature has made same-sex marriage a priority. The scheduling of a vote came after today’s 90-minute private meeting.

Gusciora, believes it will have enough votes to pass. He says the last couple of votes are being rounded up. The chamber has enough Democrats to pass the bill without Republican support, but not all Democrats support the bill.