I like a good cannibal story as much as the next guy, maybe more, but the cannibal trial in the Boston area makes me want to throw up. Geoffrey Portway pleaded guilty to distribution and possession of child pornography and solicitation to commit a crime of violence for his plan kidnap, rape, kill, and eat a child or children. As reported by CNN, his lawyer points out there was never an actual child in danger; he claims that this was all just a fantasy the guilty plea notwithstanding.

I guess its the introduction of children that makes this cannibal story so repellent. Among other disturbing items, authorities found a child sized coffin in Portway's basement. Portway comes across more evil and less plain crazy than others accused of cannibalism. Anyway, his lawyer says that Portway wants an 18 to 21 year sentence; he's 40 now. We should find out what he gets later today.