As Governor Christie heads into our studios tonight for the July edition of 'Ask the Governor,' he finds himself once again making national headlines.A feud has started brewing between Governor Christie and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who are both considered likely foes for the 2016 Republican Presidential nod. The spat started as Christie spoke against Libertarianism and defended government surveillance programs, especially after 9/11.

He singled out Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) for not understanding the threat of terrorism.

Paul immediately shot back saying spying without warrants is unconstitutional and wondering how we can pay for all of these programs, especially with the amount of aid giving out, such as Sandy relief.  It has led to a few days worth of back and forth barbs between the two GOP'ers, and it's a topic sure to come up on tonight's show.

The Governor also answered criticisms this month that he is on television too much, but he quickly rebutted that his appearances are good for the state to be see in a positive light.

Sandy recovery still remains at the forefront of New Jersey as homeowners will begin receiving grants for the rebuild.

Governor Christie enjoys a whopping margin over Gubernatorial opponent, Barbara Buono, as election season draws near.

Christie has also been traveling around to fundraisers around the country.

And, of course, many issues such as a tax cut, shared services, and sick leave payouts remain stalled in Trenton.

You get your chance to speak to Governor Christie tonight at 7 p.m.


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