Governor Christie returns to our studios tonight at 7 p.m. for "Ask the Governor," fresh off a drama-free budget negotiation.

The Governor said Tuesday that he is happy with the budget negotiations, and will focus next on a tax cut plan during the campaign season.

Despite the seemingly peachy budget process, Dems still have questions about state revenues and many pieces of legislation remain unsettled.

The budget agreement allows Christie to refrain from using his line-item veto pen.

Still, June was not totally peaceful between Christie and Dems.  Following the death of late Senator Frank Lautenberg, Governor Christie garnered much criticism for opting to hold a Special Senate Election in October, rather than have it during the General Election in November.

The theory by many was that Christie wanted to avoid an influx of Democratic voters that may slice into the overwhelming lead he currently holds over challenger, Barbara Buono.  He quickly shrugged that notion aside.

While the race against Buono has been quiet and lackluster so far, the two did appear publicly at the same event in June.

The month continued momentum for the Governor to receive the endorsements of Democrats from around the state, as "Christie-crats" have come out in flocks.

The only thing that seems to really faze Christie as we enter summer is the ongoing Sandy rebuild and the threat of another storm during hurricane season.

There were some lighthearted moments throughout the month, such as slow-jamming the news with Jimmy Fallon and, of course, telling students that his favorite football team was the Dallas Cowboys.

Governor Christie joins Eric Scott at 7 p.m. to talk about everything New Jersey as we head into the heart of the summer.

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