The Governor once again makes his way into our studios for this month's "Ask The Governor" program tonight at 7PM.The budget battle between Governor Christie has made headlines over the last month, as Democrats have passed their version of the budget without the one thing that Christie has demanded --a tax cut.

While Democrats say that they have set aside money for a tax cut for next year (if revenues are in line), Christie says that is not good enough.

The Governor has the budget in his hand, and can either reject it altogether, which would cause a government shutdown, or take his line-item veto pen to it, as he did last year.

Christie has been on the attack this week with a series of Town Halls.  He is also expected to receive a bill today from the legislature that would hike taxes on millionaires, something he has shot down multiple times already and vows to do again.

With just three days left to sign a balanced budget, it sets the stage for a wild ride into the holiday weekend(s).

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