Governor Christie makes his monthly appearance in our studios tonight at 7PM for "Ask The Governor."It's been another busy for the Governor, as he's maintained his hectic schedule of criss-crossing the state, being knee-deep in budget and tax cut negotiations, while maintaining his national image, and fundraising for GOP candidate Mitt Romney.

Christie has continued his fight for education reforms and his 10% income tax cut, with most of his headlines coming from a budget battle with Democrats.

The rhetoric has picked up over the last week, which culminated with a speech last Wednesday at a transportation conference, where the Governor unexpectedly launched into a rant against OLS Budget Analyst David Rosen, as well as his usual Democratic foes.  Christie's revenue projections have been questioned, in light of recent shortfalls.

Christie capped his week with a Thursday event in Atlantic City, promoting the "Do AC" campaign.  The Governor addressed concerns over a recent rash of violence at the resort, while announcing that he was confident sports betting will be available by the fall, despite a federal ban.

Things are not likely to calm down between now and the budget deadline on July 1st.

The Governor will be here tonight to discuss it all with Eric Scott at 7PM.  You can watch the show live and participate in our blog by following this link.

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