As the summer season winds into Labor Day Weekend, Governor Christie makes his way to our studios for the August edition of 'Ask the Governor' at 7 p.m.

You'll be able to watch the a live video stream or listen live on our website, beginning at 7 p.m.

Many of the same issues are on the forefront around the Garden State, including the Sandy recovery, property taxes, and the upcoming election.

Christie has been asked and defended himself numerous times this month about the "Stronger than the Storm" campaign.

The Governor is making his way up and down the Jersey Shore this week for the final stretch of the summer season.  On Tuesday, he praised the DEP for their work on beaches and waterways.

One major question remains.  Are we prepared for another major storm?  The Governor says we are more prepared than past storms, but vulnerable in many spots.

Christie says his Administration has made great progress on property taxes since he took office, but the issue will remain a campaign issue.

While he still leads by a wide margin over Democratic candidate Barbara Buono, that lead has shrunk a bit over the last few weeks.

Even though things have been typically quiet in Trenton during the summer recess, Christie signed bills on some portions of the gun control measures, a ban on gay conversion therapy, and allowing sick kids access to medical marijuana.

The Governor also recently stressed his focus on improving education in the Garden State.

Can we dodge a bullet during the storm season?  Can Christie maintain his big lead over Buono?

How would you rate the storm recovery?  What issues are on your mind for the upcoming election?

These issues and more will be covered tonight at 7 p.m. when Governor Christie joins Eric Scott in our studios for 'Ask the Governor.'


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