There was an Associated Press story out this week that cites a small but growing trend in this country to ask people to remove their shoes the moment they step in your home. You'll see these foot freaks with their little pile of shoesby the doorway.

Sometimes they'll have a special little box or shelf. As if you're a 5 year old about to jump into a bounce house. Give me a break. I've always hated this. If you're going to invite me to your home don't be so uptight as to insult me and start asking me to remove anything other than my outerwear. "Oh but we want you to be comfortable," they'll say. No they don't. They just want their precious carpet to last an extra 17 days over 10 years. How 'bout I tell these types I'd be more comfortable if their wives took their shirts off? The article quotes etiquette expert Jodi R.R. Smith as saying, "It is the height of tacky to invite guests to your home and then require that they remove anything more than outdoor attire."