Congratulations to all who participated in this year's record breaking Zombie Walk in Asbury Park. The living dead who came to celebrate all things zombie reclaimed the Guinness Book record for largest zombie walk of all time with over 9,000 participants.

Here's the history. New Jersey first got the title back in 2010 with over 4,000 zombies. Then, sadly, a zombie pub crawl in Minnesota had 8,027 undead show up and took over the record. With Minnesota being a boring, dead state itself, and the real possibility that your average Minnesota resident could well have been mistaken for a participating zombie, I find that record suspect at best. No matter, over the weekend, the 6th annual Zombie Walk in Asbury Park had an official count of 9,592 zombies after a few hundred were disqualified, enough to retake the Guinness Book Of World Records honor.

Jeff Deminski photo

Also over the weekend, my children were doing some crafts with my girlfriend's mom when, knowing my love for zombies, they decided to create a "zombie box" piece of art for me. The photo above is the result. Eat your heart out zombie lovers, pun fully intended.