When I was a kid I had the pleasure of going to Asbury Park. The beach, the boardwalk, the amusements, it was my Shangri-La. Last night on the 4th of July I was teleported back to that very happy time in my life.

Bobby Bandiera says hi before his show at The Supper Club

The boardwalk was packed with families enjoying the holiday, there was a fair in the distance with rides and a large Ferris wheel. I was at The Supper Club listening to my friend Bobby Bandiera and his all-star band play some great music.

The fireworks went off and the display was great, Bobby took a break so that the sold out crowd could enjoy the great display. It just didn’t get any better than that last night.

Asbury Park has worked hard, very hard in bouncing back from a time when the town was rundown, crime ridden and becoming the eye sore of New Jersey. That’s not the case anymore.

Friday night Southside Johnny took the summer stage at The Stone Pony to thousands of fans, many of whom came from all over the country to enjoy the town which was in recent years a ghost town.

The business community has stepped up with outstanding restaurants and shops sprinkled throughout Asbury and the town has made sure that the streets and beaches are clean and presentable to showcase the historic community.

The crowd outside Convention Hall waiting for the fireworks show

Musicians are playing in the town 7 days a week. If you haven’t been to Asbury Park in recent years, go. If you enjoy great music, good food and want to experience a town with some great history get back to Asbury Park. I’m a big fan.