One of the best days of my summer vacation was when we went to the Asbury Park boardwalk. Unlike the other boardwalks which bring a lot of personal nostalgia, the Asbury Park boardwalk has a vibe all it's own. You've got people from all walks, young and old, coming together for a good time. Each in their own way.

First off we were greeted with some rock history as any Springsteen fan knows when entered at Madame Marie's fortune telling stand, it was July 3rd and I tweeted out asking if she knew when the shutdown was going to end.

Then came the Silverball Museum, a wonderland of pinball machines and video games from the beginning of their time all the way till now. My sons were in heaven as Dad explained Donkey Kong, Frogger, Space Invaders as well as the old basketball, hockey and baseball games. They were in and out for hours!

Steve Trevelise photo

We spent the rest of the day walking and taking in the sights, sounds and food with lots of outside tables so yo can just eat , drink, and take it all in. You've got to try the Taylor Ham cheese fries!

Steve Trevelise photo

There were street musicians ranging from 10 year old prodigy Lil Asmar, whom you may remember from the Bill Spadea show, to a vet dressed as Uncle Sam playing guitar. We found "Captain Flash" offering "free spiritual advice". When I posted his picture, I found that he was a navy vet who lived on a sailboat, now he lives about a block away and sells his art. He'll even draw you!

Steve Trevelise photo

We left as the night crowd was coming in. The flip flops were changing to heels and the vibe was just so cool and comfortable. There was none of the Jersey shore attitude that you sometimes get.

While other boardwalks conjure up the memories of back in the day, be it when you went down with your family, or rented with your friends, the Asbury Park boardwalk is more about the here and now where you can have a great time just grabbing a beverage and just taking in the sights and sounds from an outside table. Try it, you won't be disappointed.

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