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11) Do you feel the Governor is talking out of both sides of his mouth? He says he will veto bill to decriminalize marijuana, because pot is still banned by the feds….but will defy the feds ban on sports betting in AC. Picking and choosing the laws we want to observe….no? Poll and blog up at

Alternate: Which do you feel to be the worst gateway drugs – pot or prescriptions…and, if you’ve had a drug problem, with which did you start? Poll up at

12) Should the ban on wearing bathing suits on the Asbury Park boardwalk be enforced? One resident seems to think so, and the deputy mayor is in agreement. What say you? Poll and blog up at

1) You be the judge! Which lawsuit is worse? The woman who is suing the kid that overthrew a ball hitting her in the face at a little league game...Or…The woman who was held at knifepoint in Woodbridge Center Mall suing the township for $5M…after a cop saved her life.


2) Have you ever been involved in a bad road rage incident? This could have happened anywhere but in the Bronx, a school bus driver was beaten dead after knocking off the side-view mirror of a double parked car.

By the way, make sure to check out the blog and video of our third stop last Friday for the “Slice of Jersey” at Tony’s Tomato Pie, 228 Morris Ave. in Long Branch.

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