Well, I'm pretty satisfied with the forecast of yesterday.  I predicted mid to upper 30s, and it got to 37 at Newark and Wrightstown, 38 in Atlantic City, which was pretty much on the money.

Today will be milder in the 40s, so when precipitation arrives late morning or mid-day near the Delaware River and this afternoon elsewhere, it should be mainly rain. Most highs, as I said, will make it into the 40s, despite the cold start.

Any early evening rain ends, then some clearing overnight and colder with statewide lows from the mid-20s to the lower 30s.

Windy and cloud tomorrow with patchy clouds and some sunshine.  Highs tomorrow in the 30s.

Probably mostly sunny, windy and cold on Thursday with temps from 35 to 40.

We may have some precipitation, though I'm not exactly sure which form just yet, as we head into Friday and the start of the weekend on Saturday.

More on that coming along in future reports.