Tuesday's high temperatures were a few degrees warmer than expected.

I had thought low to middle 80s, but it got to 88 in Atlantic City, Newark and Trenton.  Wrightstown actually got to 89 and Toms River made it to 90 degrees, although it was noticeably cooler along the beach and boardwalk with a sea breeze yesterday afternoon.

Today, some sunshine and arriving clouds, and not quite as warm.  We'll probably be in the low 80s, but cooler at the beaches eventually.

Some shower and thunderstorm activity will move in during the early morning hours later tonight.  Overnight lows will be in the 60s.  There could be some locally heavy rains.

Any morning showers and thunderstorms tomorrow should taper off in the afternoon.  Thursday's highs just in the 70s.  Some guidance actually only has it in the 60s, but we'll go for 70, for now, for highs on Thursday.

Then, a great stretch of weather lies ahead.

Mostly sunny and pleasant Friday with highs near 80, low 80s for Saturday, and mid 80s Sunday.

It'll be cooler at the beach with a lot of sunshine on Saturday and Sunday.