Mike Alcorn is an Army veteran. A combat veteran. Mike Alcorn is also a man who was refused service at Fortune Cookie restaurant in Medford yesterday because he had the audacity to have a legitimate, legal service dog with him.

He was trying to have lunch with his wife when he was turned away. He was told the restaurant won't let in any dog because of health regulations. The problem is this isn't just any dog. Unlike the countless imbeciles who think nothing of bringing their common pet dog with them everywhere they go or the even bigger jerks who go online and buy fake credentials to pass off their mere pet as a service dog, Mike's German shepherd Atlas is a legitimate service animal.

Mike suffers from PTSD and he was paired up with Atlas through the non-profit Marlton-based Semper Fido. Atlas had six months of training and helps Mike in numerous ways, not only easing anxieties but is there for Mike to literally lean on when the injuries he received defending our freedom cause difficulty walking.

At the restaurant, Atlas had his red vest and his federal ID cards and Mike explained the laws. The employee didn't care, told him to move aside and waited on another customer. Mike didn't want to make a scene so he and his wife left.

Mike's story is a huge reason I have a problem with morons who bring their pet dog with them everywhere they go. The more people do this, and especially the more people try to pass off their pet dog as a service dog, the harder it makes it for the truly disabled to have businesses comply with the law. It causes confusion and is a total slap in the face of good people like Mike Alcorn.

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