This 4th of July weekend, roads were jammed with folks going either to the shore, or to barbeques with family and relatives.

However just the thought of having to put up with holiday traffic is enough to make you want to stay home and be a hermit. But, not seeing family can weight heavily on your mind.

If you place that much of a priority on seeing family, isn’t it worth it to put up with traffic and tolls, especially if you haven’t seen them in a while. After all, one doesn’t want to stand out and be the peculiar relative.

More importantly, isn’t spending quality time with family worth the aggravation of putting up with traffic and tolls?

Think about that for a second as I tell you about a situation we’ve recently come across.

We have relatives who’ve just come in from Florida. How long they’re staying at their summer abode is anyone’s guess – but my wife, who generally makes plans and then makes sure it’s ok with me, told me of a cousin that wants to get together, but wanted to know how much it would cost to go over the Outerbridge.

You read right – she was asked, “how much does it cost to go over the Outerbridge? We don’t have EZ Pass?”

I said, “say it’s about a hundred dollars, unless Christie gives her a special dispensation!”

Joking of course! Christie’s not about to give away ice in the winter (unless you work on his staff) - but the relative in this case wasn’t joking.

Fact is, traveling is a pain in the ass hereabouts. Roads are generally crowded, in piss-poor shape; and tolls are way too high.

I always consider traffic, but if I haven’t seen relatives in a while, it’s no big deal – after I finish complaining. As far as cost goes – I take all that in stride.

But do you ever factor in the cost of traveling to see relatives? How far will you travel, and do you factor in the cost?

As for the relatives from Florida, we’ll meet them somewhere in the middle.

Like say, North Carolina.

Just kidding!