It's probably because I've been a cell phone only household for a long time now, but I thought annoying telemarketing calls were long gone. Not so says one New Jersey senator. State Sen. Jeff Van Drew is introducing legislation to establish a special unit within the Consumer Affairs to do something about it. According to Van Drew, "There are more and more telemarketers because quite frankly the law is not being enforced enough. We need a team of investigators within the given budget we have within the Division of Consumer Affairs, part of the Attorney General's Office to be focused only on telemarketing calls that are being made fraudulently."

Van Drew was the original sponsor of the bill that created New Jersey's "Do Not Call" registry. So I'm sure this get personal for him when he points out that rogue telemarketers are using third party servers to mask their phone numbers or create fake numbers to show up on caller ID. "Routinely, telemarketers are breaking the law because they know the law will not be enforced."