So many people are looking for love, many online.  They say they are ready for the next chapter in their lives...ready to get married and start a family.  However, how many of those people truly put in the effort to find what they are looking for?  They may say they are dating a lot and sick of dating and they just don't understand why they can't find "the one." I think I have one explanation.  While online dating is a terrific way to meet someone, you are meeting a lot of people, so unless you have every night of the week to work with when it comes to setting up dates, if you're like me, you have to squeeze all of your plans into a weekend.  If you met five people online that week, that's five dates you have to line up.   So you may go out on a lot of first dates to meet everyone but that may take two or three weekends (or one day depending on how good you are at scheduling!)  So by the time you go through all of them, maybe there is one or two you'd like to see again, but if you're trying to balance them with some others you met online the following week, you may go another few weeks without making consistent plans with someone.

While I believe that when you meet someone you're interested in, you'll make sure you see them again asap, most likely you are both out there dating and therefore not fully committed to putting in the time to get to know one another.   It's bad enough texting has replaced phone calls, but with only getting to see the person once a week or more likely once every other week or two, it's hard to get anything off the ground.

In addition to the multitude of dates you may set up, it's not like back in the day when you could meet someone any night of the week.  If you are looking for someone who is a hard worker and successful in their career, most likely by the time they reach their 30s, they are working pretty hard and that is a balancing act as well.

If you truly mean what you say when you say you'd like to find "the one" and settle down, then I think that needs to be a priority above all else, even if it's just for a short period of time...enough time to really try and develop a relationship with someone before months go by of casually seeing each other once in awhile and never really knowing if there is any potential.   After all, there are only 52 weeks in a year, so when you think about it, between work and travel and spending time with your family, before you know it, another year has flown by and you're still seeking that special someone.  Don't let another year go with purpose and as I always tell one of my closest guy friends, don't always look for the next best thing because he/she may be standing right in front of you!

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