For quite awhile, the rule on having tattoos in the military was that you couldn't have tattoos or brands anywhere on the face, head, and neck above the class A uniform collar. Anything else was okay. For example, sporting "sleeves"? No problem.

That's about to change with Army Regulation 670-1. It's the full policy regarding the wearing of and appearance of the Army uniform and tattoos are covered under this section. The new rule says soldiers will not be allowed to have tattoos that show below the knee, or below the elbow, or above the neckline. Period. Current soldiers may keep their tattoos, but new recruits, if they still want in and already have a tattoo which is non-compliant, will have to pay out of their own pocket to have the tattoos in those areas of the body removed. Or else they don't get in.

So let me get this straight. I'm 20 years old. I'm willing to fight for my country, train to kill, take orders, make the ultimate sacrifice for my country if necessary, but if I have a tattoo on the back of my calf I'm not good enough to be one of you? To me this seems silly. Oh and if you're thinking, "well yeah, tattoos shouldn't be visible on a soldier because what if they're offensive or racist?" The military already won't accept you if you have extremist, sexist, or racist tattoos on ANY part of your body.

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