Jim was discussing the bill this morning that would would give terminally ill people with less than 6 months to live the ability to legally take their own lives.


According to Kevin McArdle's report, the Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act, would require terminally ill patients with six months or less to live, to verbally ask for a prescription from their doctor. That would be followed by a second verbal request at least 15 days later, and one written request signed by two witnesses. The doctor would have to offer the patient a chance to change their mind, and another physician would have to certify the original diagnosis and reaffirm the patient is of sound mind. The patient would have to self-administer the drugs.

The majority of callers were split on the measure. As some said that people should be given the option to die with dignity and on their own terms without pain and suffering if they so choose. Detractors used the argument that no one should "play God" and decide when their life is over and that this bill is not a good idea. People opposed to the bill mentioned that even if you are given 6 mos to live, there are plenty of people given a short time to live and well exceed that.
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