Pitchers and catchers will be reporting to their respective destinations for all Major League Baseball teams this weekend. I, for one, am extremely excited about this. I'm a huge baseball fan and Yankee fan.

But, is this year different for fans of the local sports teams? The NFL season is over, and the Giants took New York all the way to the beginning of February by winning the Super Bowl. The Knicks resurgence thanks to "Linsanity" as well as the Rangers success have also taken New York by storm. In Philly, the 76ers and Flyers have enjoyed regular season success as well. Same goes for the New Jersey Devils, who have had their ups and downs but are still in the playoffs if the NHL season ended today.

So, I ask, does the dawn of the new baseball season come as a relief, or are you still preoccupied by the other sports still going on? In past years, these aforementioned teams have, for lack of a better term, stunk. Not the case this year. Poll below.