The way you take care of your emotions can control your happiness and success.  Here are seven ways to measure your "EQ."

Flickr / Black Chaos

1.  You are curious about people you don't know.

You like meeting new people.

2.  You're a good leader.

You have a good work ethic and ambition.

3.  You know your strengths and weaknesses.

You are honest with yourself.  You are aware where you excel and where you may struggle.

4.  You pay attention.

You can put distractions aside and focus on what's important.

5.  When you're upset, you know why.

People who are emotionally intelligent can put their negative emotions in a "box".  They can objectively examine why they're upset.

The final two are pretty much self explanatory.

6.  You care about being a good person.


7.  You're a good judge of character.

I hope all of you have a huge smile on your face for the holidays and all year long!