A friend of mine posted a piece on Facebook the other day concerning politicians who are beholden to lobbyists and advocacy groups with plenty of money to spend.

The gist of the piece was that voters are, in effect, too stupid to know who they’re voting for – and in most cases will go for the person with the most charisma.

Not that charisma doesn’t play a part in the voting process – but perhaps it plays too great a part.

And when money figures into the equation, then that politician is no longer beholden to the people who voted for him (or her) but to the moneyed interests that got him (or her) elected in the first place.

Sad that it’s come to that, but that’s where we’ve been lo these many years.

Now consider the choices you have.

While the jury is out on a presumptive candidate from the Republican side – some seem to be hedging their bets on Gov. Chris Christie.

The Democrats seem to already have anointed Hillary Clinton as their next standard-bearer.

So while polls released today indicate that the hypothetical race between Clinton and Christie would go to the former first lady – if you had to pick one today – for whom would you vote?

Clinton? Christie? Or go ABC?

Anybody but Christie or Clinton?

According to a report on NJ.com, Assistant Director of Quinnipiac University Polling, Maurice Carroll had this to say:


“As Gov. Christopher Christie traipses around the nation, his presidential potential seems alive, but former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the adopted girl next door, easily beats him in his home state.”

Why should any of us be surprised that Hillary would beat Chris here in New Jersey? It is a blue state after all. The legislature is primarily Democrat and Christie’s win was, if anything, more of a resounding repudiation of the previous administration.

Plus, of course, there's that renowned Christie “charisma”.
However, since then, the “bloom is off the rose!” And as I’ve said on many occasions, the act would get tired.

Well, it seems it has – but who’d make a better candidate for President?

And do you really want to have to choose between these two?