Is the ability to write and spell well a dying art?   One expert warns we may be allowing technology to replace skills that we should sharpen for school and careers.

Rutgers Journalism and Communications expert Steve Miller agrees the recent attention given to the National Spelling Bee perhaps also underscored our over-dependence on "spell check" when we do writing that some of us don't even bother to proof read.

Miller says this deficiency is not just about spelling. He says he also sees bad construction of sentences and sometimes an inability to talk and communicate with proper usage because of some peoples' overdependence on texting.

How vital are some of these skills? Miller points out that poorly written and constructed resumes or sales proposals reflect badly on their creator. He says assuming bad grammar and spelling mistakes are the new normal can impede your school or career progress.

"We don't use our minds as well as we used to. That's not to say that all of these technology advances are bad, it's just a matter of how we implement and use it that is at the heart of the issue," said Miller.