I remember some time ago we did a story about a group of new residents in New Egypt that were crying foul over a rooster that would wake them at 5 in the morning.

The rooster was only doing what the rooster is supposed to do – crow at dawn.

Apparently this didn’t go over well with its new neighbors.

There have been a few other stories like that – one in Rumson where someone was keeping chickens in their backyard for the eggs - where neighbors were concerned about the smell - and another in western New Jersey.

If you have the space, why should it be such a big deal to your neighbors?

Apparently it is for a couple of Monmouth County residents – one in Howell, and another in Ocean Township.

Are the neighbors just being idiots, or do they have reason to be concerned? And are the 'burbs a place to be raising chickens?

Assuming one has the room, I don’t see a problem with keeping chickens on one’s property. Of course that all has to pass muster with the individual township councils.

But living in growing suburbia, do you see a problem with folks keeping chickens on their property?