The New Jersey Devils went all-in on their April Fools' Day prank that had them changing the team's name to the New Jersey Angels.

Adam Henrique models a New Jersey Angels jersey (Ne w Jersey Devils)

The team created a new logo with angel wings and a halo on their, and went so far as to buy the website with a message from team president Hugh Weber explaining that the team submitted a "name change application" to the NHL in order to create a "family-friendly environment" that would build on "thirty-four years of world class hockey while taking the team to new heights."

"Angels are mighty, believers and go above and beyond," wrote Weber.

The site included a T-shirt and cap for sale with the Angels logo and team captain Adam Henrique modeling a silver jersey with gold shoulders.

The team created the Twitter handle @NewJerseyDevils with several tweets about the change.

Their minor league affiliate in Albany even changed their name to the "Albany Angels."

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