Lately, it seems like people take photos to commemorate any occasion - engagements, graduations, and even pregnancies! Pregnancy photos have become increasingly popular, but are they cute, or just awkward?

Michael Buckner, Getty Images

Dennis and Judi found a website that posts some of the most awkward maternity photos you'll ever see! Click the link to see some of these photos, and you'll wonder what was going through these parents' minds when they came up with the idea for these pictures.

As time goes on, pregnant women are becoming more comfortable with showing off their baby bumps - whether they are wearing bikinis, belly shirts, or tight clothing. Some think that pregnant bellies are beautiful, since it represents a natural process. Others find it unattractive, and would rather not see a pregnant woman's stomach.

Are pregnant bellies unattractive? Or are they beautiful, and should be displayed?