A new study finds new mothers may not be getting as much information about their babies as they should from their doctor.

A survey finds many new moms didn't get as much info about their babies as they should have from their doctor. (m-imagephotography, ThinkStock)

The study, funded by the National Institutes of Health, finds 75 percent of new moms said they were not given advice from their doctor about pacifier use. More than half said their doctor didn't talk with them about what sleeping positions are best for the baby and 20 percent indicated they were not given advice from their doctor about breastfeeding.

The study also found 11 percent of moms said they heard nothing about vaccinations.

When new moms didn't get this information from their doctors, they were turning to relatives, friends and the internet.

Dr. Donald Chervenak, OBGYN, a trustee of the Medical Society of New Jersey and president of the Morris County Medical Society, said when new moms are not relying on their doctors, it's very concerning.

"You don't want to develop an arrogance of the medical profession, on the other hand, that's what the doctors have trained for, to give the best possible advice to the patients," he said. "When you have people saying my mother told me or my friend told me, that's dangerous because you have no idea about the person's knowledge. Of course you always want to listen to your mother otherwise all of us would get hit, but the bottom line is it should also be bounced off a healthcare professional."

Dr. Chervenak said New Jersey hospitals are very focused on getting high ratings, so before a new mom is discharged, it's been his experience that they all make a real point of covering all these issues.

As for looking for baby advice online, he said that's a terrible idea.

"The person going on the internet has no idea of the background, or the knowledge base behind things," he said. "I've had several people come to me with information from the internet that was downright wrong. People used to think if it's on television it must be true - but that's wrong.It's the same thing with the internet, it's just a newer version of I heard it on TV."