It's not uncommon to hear news stories about students getting into trouble for posting things about their school on social media. The latest story on this topic has a different ending than usual.

Twitter logo (Bethany Clarke/Getty Images)

Sterling High School in Somerdale is suffering consequences for punishing a student for posting rude comments about her Principal on Twitter. The school had to pay her for the money she spent in legal fees, and  reverse her punishments. They also had to alter their policy on monitoring social media.

Should students have to suffer harsh consequences for posting their opinions about their school on social media? Or do schools need to let up on their punishments in these circumstances. Kids have been expressing negative opinions about their school for years, but of course things get muddy when social media is involved. Obviously, if any threats are made on social media, the offender should receive a greater punishment.

Should kids receive a warning the first time an incident like this happens? Or should they receive the worst punishment right away?