The Taney Dragons are doing incredibly well in the Little League World Series, and much of their success is owed to their star pitcher Mo'Ne Davis.

Robbinsville 11/12 softball team at the Little League World Series (Robbinsville Little League)

There is something out of the ordinary about this situation - Mo'Ne is a girl on a team of all boys. The Robbinsville Softball team was just named the champions of the Little League Softball World Series. Lately, ladies are really taking charge in the world of athletics.

Dennis predicted that seeing girls play on boys sports teams will soon be a regular occurrence, however this probably won't happen right away. There are conflicting opinions on whether or not it is safe and ethical for girls to be allowed on the same sports teams as boys. If girls are able to play as well as the guys, or even better, why shouldn't both genders be allowed to play on the same team?

With all of the success that girls are having in sports, do you think they make better athletes than boys?