I remember a couple of years ago when I’d gotten the news that my alma mater, Nazareth HS in Brooklyn was in danger of closing.

Obviously the news saddened me since there are so many good memories that came out of that experience, and some not so good.

But as far as the educational value of it was concerned, I think, overall, it worked out well.

And besides, while there may have been a few discipline problems; they were nothing like what you hear about today.
So you have to figure that the fact that Catholic school enrollment is declining leading some schools to close is met with a mixture of sadness and, in some cases, desperation.

Desperation because the only option would be public schools – and the environment in many – despite the best efforts of teachers and staff – isn’t conducive to learning, as a recent article points out.

Catholic schools offer a good alternative to other educational options – this despite their past reputation as torture chambers.

Those days have passed – but given the declining numbers of students enrolling and the concurrent closing of many of these institutions – do you feel they're worth keeping open?

How to keep them open is up to the generosity of parishioners, and bishops who, reportedly, don't skimp on some of the finer things in life.